CNC router

CNC router

A Hungarian drywall manufacturing company found us with a challenge. For the production of custom drywall panels, we have created a machine for placing heating panels in the board.

The first part of the order was to completely convert and upgrade their existing machines. After upgrading the control unit and the program, they can produce at higher speeds and more efficiently.

The other part of the request was to develop and manufacture a similar machine that could handle a whole drywall board. During the design talks, several unique new demands emerged, such as dust extraction and a drawing head, which draws the outlines on the flipside of the board during production


A special spring mechanism had to be designed for the drawing head, which can be lowered during production as it would on the way of the CNC head.

During manufacturing, we have used unique milling technology, bending, laser welding, plate machining, powder coating and laser cutting.

The total development and manufacturing time took nearly 9 to 10 months.

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